FIND PASSWORDS EASILY sells a USB device that allows you to grab all the passwords and username saved in browsers on Windows computers that you have physical access to. It stores them on the USB device along with the name and date of the backup for convenient retrieval.

Self-Contained External Tool

Since websites have different validation rules (some require or deny uppercase, symbols and/or numeric characters) it becomes difficult for users to remember all their different passwords. This is why most of us use the browser’s SAVE PASSWORD feature for convenience.

Whenever the manual entry of a password is required (access on a different PC, clean install/upgrade or password reset), most of us never remember our passwords. This product saves time and money allowing you to retrieve the passwords from your USB device. All data collected is encrypted (in case of theft/loss) so that your passwords are well safeguarded.

Frequently Asked Questions



  • Allows for up to 10 grabs.
  • Ideal for personal use.
  • Password encryption for protection.
  • Small USB format for convenient storage.

GRAB 1000

  • Allows for up to 1000 grabs.
  • Ideal for small businesses or for very frequent personal backups.
  • Enhanced encryption for added security.
  • Small USB format for convenient storage.